Author: Natalie
Apr 21, 2007 23:35:36

Comet Wiser, also known as 'Poopey Face' and 'Hollywood' passed away on Saturday, April 21, 2007. She came into our lives on March 29, 1997 by way of the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas on 700 N. Mojave Rd.

I remember that day. It was shortly before Erick's 14th birthday, and as a family, we decided that we were going to bring a kitty into our lives! It was quite an exciting day for us, and we set out to the Animal Foundation to look for our new baby. We were looking around, and there she was, sitting in her cage, looking at us with her beautiful yellow eyes and little black nose, saying "take ME"! There was another orange feisty male that we were also considering, who was jumping all over the place, trying to outshine her. The people at the Foundation alerted us to the fact that she was to be euthanized the next day, and that solidified our decision to bring her home with us.

We brought her home, and were instantly in love with her. She had a white spot in-between her shoulder blades which reminded us of a comet, so the name stuck! Just like any awesome kitty, she played relentlessly, and was able to jump the highest and most graceful that I've ever seen a cat jump!

She was an awesome addition to our family for 10 happy years, and will be dearly, dearly missed. We love you baby girl, and I promise we'll be with you again one day!

Source: The Wiser's